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New York City fashion designer Rachel Comey creates empowering and sophisticated clothing and accessories for women. She is well known for her structured pieces that are cool, comfortable, and contemporary in nature.

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Her namesake brand began producing in 2001. Beforehand, she was a costume designer, which can be seen through her creative use of patterned textiles and bold, unique collections.

Rachel’s designs are more than just clothing. To her, they represent groundbreaking innovation and evolution in form and fashion. Her style has been known to knock down stereotypical barriers in order to challenge current norms and notions of what it is to be modern. Throughout her collections, you’ll find comfortable pieces that are bold and romantic and often times upbeat with a little country-western flair. Many of her designs are fluid and are created to flatter an array of different figures.

When it comes to fashion, nothing is off the table for Rachel Comey. She is always reinventing her designs and vision and finding ways to cross lines and break through typical fashion and societal norms — this is ever apparent in what she produces, especially in her line of unisex clothing that was recently launched in 2017.

Browse through Comey’s collection here to find an array of crafted flowy Ardito dresses, A-line skirts with pleats, clover alpaca pullovers, and a stunning selection of earrings fit for every occasion.