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Laura Cramer and Starr Hout founded this New York-based brand during a 30th birthday road trip through West Texas.

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These two designers met in New York City while studying at NYU. During a computer programming class, they became friends after sharing a mutual interest in integrating technology and art together. With Starr’s experience as a designer and Laura’s background in art production, they began working together collaborating on ideas as a passion project. After their road trip together, they found the inspiration they needed and launched Apiece Apart, which continues to operate out of Brooklyn, NY.

With a focus on strong, self-made women of all ages, they created a versatile clothing line that focuses on intermixing simple, minimalistic, sophisticated pieces that can be packed up in a single suitcase and can be worn for just about any event or location.  

Each piece incorporates clean lines, beautiful fabrics, impeccable tailoring and feminine chic notes that offer modern, classic wear that can be easily mixed and matched. They use high quality and comfortable fabrics that are free-flowing and easy to move around in. You can also find playful details added into each piece, like vintage style tassels and bright, colorful stripes.

Browse through their storefront in NY or online and you’ll find items like their tunic lengthen cotton tops with bib collars and puff sleeves, cotton jumpsuits with zippered openings, fluid linen dresses with belts, wrap dresses, and so much more. This line is the perfect addition for the simple, sophisticated, modern woman.