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With a passion for literature, Rosh Mahtani created this unique line to mimic mythical characters from some of her favourite poems in the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

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Each piece is imagined as one of the poems and is like holding a modern heirloom honouring Dante’s work. The collection symbolizes the pilgrim’s journey through the realms of Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise where he encounters many magical and mythical creatures and demons. The pendants are designed to bring you luck and courage on your adventure in life — a little battered and imperfect, but strong and always ready to take on the next big adventure.

After spending two years working closely with stylists to make her vision come to life, the mastermind behind the collection was inspired to create the unique set even though she had little experience in jewelry design. With passion and determination, she launched the line in 2014, which has become a quick overnight success and has attracted a strong fan following.

Mille offers a number of pieces from this collection that are designed and crafted through the process of lost wax casting. Many of the pieces are cast in 24kt gold and strung on a gold filled chain. Here you’ll find exquisite pieces like the Dante and the Lion necklace, an emblem of courage that is cast in bronze before being plated in gold, and the St. Christopher’s pendant that displays a globe of endless destinations in motion on the back of the medallion. All items are crafted in London, England.