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This casual designer name has earned a reputation for its artful and fun look since it was first introduced on the fashion scene in the fall of 1998. Based in New York City, A Détacher

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was conceived and created by Polish-born designer Monika Kowalska who received her education in both America and Italy. After her schooling, she continued to pursue her love of fashion, art, and creativity while working within the fashion industry in Italy and France.

Today, Kowalska’s vision and passion continue to be seen through this thoughtfully made clothing label. With such a vivid love for art and fashion, her apparel offers distinctive items for the modern woman that creatively merges both concepts together, focusing on using interesting and non-conformist patterns and function. Having gained a loyal following over the years with her original, community-driven brand, she’s celebrating its 20th year of conception since it was launched.

A Détacher is ideal for women who are looking to add some elegant, casual, and whimsically unique items to their wardrobe. This brand offer pieces that include sequin dresses, knit dresses, classic turtlenecks, footless tights, socks, earrings, shoes, and much more. Discover it all at Mille.